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How can Ginger Root enhance intimacy?

Ginger Root is a magical, medicinal plant with many health benefits you are likely familiar with – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, digestive aid, lowers blood sugar and improves muscle soreness to name a few. Additional benefits of this awesome super food include Mood Enhancement and Reproductive Stimulation.

While most research has focused on males, both sexes can experience benefits from increased blood flow to the sexual organs leading to increased stimulation and other health effects of Ginger Root.1 Ginger stimulates the secretion of Luteinizing Hormone leading to reproductive benefits such as ovulation in females and testosterone production in males.2 Additional benefits of Ginger Root in males include:

1) Increased testosterone production leading to increased libido, energy, muscle mass and more:

2) Increased testicular cholesterol (precursor to testosterone) and increased testicular weight;  

3) Antioxidant properties protect reproductive organs from cell damage (oxidative stress);

4) Increased detoxification and reproductive organ function in hypertensive conditions;  

5) Regulates and normalizes blood glucose allowing increased testosterone production; and

6) Promotes increased blood flow and circulation in the body:1, 2

  • Allows increased sexual stimulation
  • Improves reproductive organ function.  

*Read our post titled, “Ginger, Mood?” to learn about the mood enhancing benefits of Ginger Root.

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