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GINGER LIME Nutrition Facts Panel

People often ask, “Is SGB a health drink?” While all of our flavors are made with the highest quality and freshest ingredients available, we don’t promote SGB as a health drink. SWEET GINGER BROWNE mixers all contain ingredients that offer health benefits, and many of our customers enjoy SGB as a flavored ginger shot however, SGB contains sugar so we don’t make a product claim as a health drink.

Although SGB contains sugar, our current Nutrition Facts Panel was updated from our original label to reflect a reduction in sugar, and we are very proud of it! GINGER LIME is made with 50% less sugar per serving [6g vs. 12g] than similar ginger simple syrups. SGB also has a more robust and authentic ginger spice compared to other brands. The flavor speaks for itself! In addition, we use only the natural sweetener, organic raw cane sugar.

It is important for us to bring you a flavorful ginger beverage that reflects our values of health and wellness. We avoid using High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Why? This sugar is more difficult for the body to break down and has been associated with an increased risk of obesity in comparison to sucrose (table sugar). Since HFCS takes longer for the liver to process than regular sugar, it has also been linked to obesity and fatty liver disease. Read more about HFCS here: https://www.princeton.edu/news/2010/03/22/sweet-problem-princeton-researchers-find-high-fructose-corn-syrup-prompts

You can enjoy SWEET GINGER BROWNE by mixing our concentrated syrup flavors with a “clean carbonation” like sparkling water or club soda, or simply add to still water and drink warm for our winter flavors. These options do not contain HFCS and will allow you to enjoy our delicious product without compromising the flavor. In addition, many of our customers enjoy SGB in alcohol. For your convenience, we offer several seasonal flavors blended and ready-to-drink. See our products page for a complete description of our flavors. Please stay tuned for information about our other ingredients and their associated health benefits. We hope you enjoy SGB mixers!

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